Financial Planning

How It Works

At Staub Financial we focus on creating a comprehensive financial plan that is tailored to each individual client’s financial needs and goals. We work directly with our clients to gather information, analyze their unique situation, and implement a suitable strategy.  A successful comprehensive financial plan cannot be created in isolation. At Staub Financial, we craft each financial plan with the input from a network of qualified professionals, including estate planning attorneys, CPAs, mortgage brokers and insurance agents. We develop a plan through the following detailed step by step process:

Understanding a prospective client’s current situation and goals is critical to success in creating a comprehensive financial plan. We know that each client has their own unique set of circumstances which determine their goals and objectives; therefore, our first step is to gather background information and determine what is most important to them. The specific personal situation and financial goals are also discussed.

After gathering information and goals, our team conducts a thorough analysis of the prospective client’s financial situation. It is during this stage that we may reach out to our network of estate, tax, and insurance professionals for assistance to create the individualized comprehensive financial plan. During the second meeting, we will explain the analysis and educate the client on our findings. We will thoroughly review the strategy in order for the client to understand the big picture and the rationale behind our thought process, while we provide clear and concise recommendations. We encourage questions and feedback in order to develop the best personal strategy.

Our team will prepare the necessary documents to establish the plans that were discussed. We will meet again to review and recap the rationale and present any changes that may have been made since the last meeting. We understand that financial changes can be overwhelming and it is our goal to make this transition and implementation easy and seamless.

Putting the plan into place is just the beginning of the process. We monitor our client's portfolios regularly and have annual or semi-annual meetings to help ensure each client is on the right track to meet their specific financial goals. Staub Financial will recommend changes only when appropriate and we help prevent emotionally driven financial and investment decisions.

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