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Retirement Planning: Live Your Best Retirement Life

For many people, retirement is the far-off goal that they spend their entire working life longing for. When it finally arrives, it is reasonable to be nervous about your ability to live solely off of your savings and investments. Most retirement plans understandably focus on not spending too much, but markets may also outperform projections allowing retirees to comfortably increase their spending. Our retirement planning process starts long before you stop working so those nerves are gone, and just because you have reached retirement doesn’t mean we are done planning for it! We continually analyze and adjust spending targets so that you are able to comfortably balance enjoying your retirement with confidence that your assets will outlive you. Don’t guess on your retirement. Create a dynamic plan to maximize your enjoyment of your golden years

  • Reducing portfolio risk over time that seek to minimize downside risks that can delay retirement
  • Incorporating annuities where suitable to increase guaranteed retirement income
  • Adjusting portfolio spending patterns during retirement to account for good or bad investment returns
  • Determining the best time for you to begin receiving Social Security benefits
  • Advising on lump-sum versus annuity distributions from employer plans
  • Running retirement projections before and during retirement to stay on track
  • Ensuring the correct RMDs are taken each year
  • Lifestyle planning to envision what your retirement day-to-day looks like
  • Build a Retirement Policy Statement to establish risk-based spending guardrails

Staub Financial is here to help you plan for the retirement you dream of, no matter how close or far away that time seems. Contact us today to learn more about our retirement planning services.

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